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No matter what kind of business you own, we are a full service Ontario cleaning company committed to high quality and excellence in customer service.

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We are a janitorial company in London and GTA for large and small companies! We are well equipped to meet and exceed the highest standards, and you can trust our expert personal and professional commercial cleaners to provide punctual and accurate service. Our team offers professional services, and proven solution based strategies for ongoing cleaning services and maintenance programs.


Our commitment to achieving our customers’ satisfaction is backed by a 100% guarantee that our standards will exceed your expectations. We take pride in offering a professional service, and creating a clean inviting environment by using Eco-friendly cleaning products.

In addition to that, our primary objective is to provide you with high-quality service satisfaction. In order to achieve the desired level of cleaning assistance, we have accommodated highly trained professional experts. Our proficient service executives are equipped with advanced technical gadgets. Not only that, our technical workforce is trained and specialized in technical skills. Hence, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best service at all circumstances.

Professionals Services Covering All your Requirements

Moreover, our innovative and professional approach will make sure that your commercial area is properly cleaned. Thus, choose our commercial cleaning in London and let us make your property neat and clean. Keeping your workplace clean helps you by bringing the productivity level high. Also, be it a normal office or an educational institution or a health care unit, our experts will surely make your place clean.

Here are some of the most notable services that you can avail with us:

  • Corporate multi-storied office buildings
  • Educational complex
  • Health care unit or treatment center
  • In house cleaning solutions

These are some of the essential mentions of what we can serve you with. As a matter of fact, we are capable of providing essential assistance that you require to keep your commercial property neat and clean. Therefore, choose us and we will leave no room for your doubts.

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Commercial Cleaning Services in London Ontario

Ensuring that your work environment is clean is very important for your company to have a good overall professional appearance. Apart from that, a clean working environment has a positive effect on employees' mental health and productivity. A dirty work environment can, therefore, have a negative cognitive effect on your employees hence negatively affecting your company's bottom line.

The first step in ensuring that you create a healthier and cleaner professional work environment is by hiring a commercial cleaning company. If your company or office is located in London Ontario, then you can get the best commercial cleaning services in London Ontario by hiring A2Z Building Maintenance Inc.

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

When hiring a professional cleaning company, you need to ensure that you get the right one. This is because you want a company that will help strengthen the morale, productivity and overall well-being of your employees.

At A2Z, we strive to offer the best commercial cleaning services for all our clients in London Ontario. Maintaining a commercial building is a challenge, and only we at A2Z are up to the task to offer the best cleaning services that leave all our customers satisfied.

There are several cleaning companies in London Ontario. However, at A2Z, we possess qualities that make us a great commercial cleaning company and set us apart from the rest. These are the qualities that you should always look for if you want to get reliable cleaners.

Variety of Janitorial Services

Most commercial cleaning companies just offer the basic cleaning services like dusting, replacing trash can liners and vacuuming. However, if your company or offices need major cleaning sessions multiple times a week, you need a professional cleaning company that has specialized in a variety of cleaning services. At A2Z, we offer several cleaning services that include:

Commercial janitorial services
Office cleaning services
Post construction cleaning services
Exterior and Interior surfaces and windows cleaning
Industrial Cleaning Services
Data center cleaning
Carpet and upholstery cleaning
Strip and Wax

Credible Reputation

Hiring a commercial cleaning company with a credible reputation is always important. This is because you will be giving them access to your office and workspace to be cleaned for you. At A2Z, we take our reputation very seriously and that is why we ensure that we hire honest, professional and hardworking employees. We always ensure that our customers are satisfied with our cleaning services and that is why they usually give positive testimonials about us.

Scheduling Ability

We always take into consideration our clients' scheduling needs and flexibility to ensure that we offer our services to you in a manner that does not interfere with your company's or office's operation. For example, you may prefer that we only clean your offices or workspace during the night when your staff is not around.

We at A2Z will always take into consideration your special needs so that we don't interfere with your schedule.

Price and Estimates

Whenever our clients engage us, we always offer free estimates to them and provide them with pricing proposals. This is because we are a reputable professional cleaning service provider that aims to offer our clients the best services for the best price.

When you hire us, we will first consult personally with you, tour your facility and then come up with a proposal that will be based on the needs that you would have requested.


A good commercial cleaning company should have insurance. Most cleaning companies that are new in the professional cleaning business don't always have the appropriate insurance. A2Z commercial cleaning company is fully insured.

This is because we are a commercial cleaning company that takes special measures to protect our customers from any legal liability that may arise in case something happens.

Although it is highly unlikely for injuries or damages to occur since our staff comprises of professionals with a lot of experience, we are always ready for the unexpected and always want to protect against any unexpected events

Well Equipped

One of the most important aspects that clients looking to hire commercial cleaners consider is the equipment that the cleaning company has. What makes us the best commercial cleaning company in London Ontario is that we have state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to offer the best cleaning services.

We Also Practice Green Cleaning

We are one of the few commercial cleaning companies that practice green cleaning. This is because we care about the environment and the health of the people that come into contact with our cleaning products. We understand the science behind cleaning and that the chemicals in the products can affect human life.

It is this science that informs all our decisions about cleaning our cleaning programs. We properly select and use green cleaning products because we want to safeguard the health and safety of the building occupants and the planet. By practicing green cleaning, we will be protecting our customers from chemical exposure. Our clients will no longer breathe in the chemical residues that are left from cleaning detergents.

Handling green cleaning products is also less risky as compared to conventional cleaning products. There will be no risks of chemical burns to the eyes and skin. This is because green products contain gentle ingredients that are gentle to the skin.

Happy Customers

Thanks to green cleaning, we never receive complaints about strong smelling chemicals from our clients. These strong smelling chemicals can sometimes trigger headaches to people who are intolerant to strong-smelling substance. The green products that we use are made of natural products. They give off a pleasant smell like lemongrass, lavender, and citrus.

We are determined to continue using green products since their benefits are like a chain reaction. This is because when the demand for green products increases, more commercial cleaning companies will be pressured to adopt environmental friendly products. This will lower the toxic wastes in water and air, hence promoting a better environment.

When you hire us, you will not only benefit from our quality cleaning services at affordable prices but also enjoy the benefits of the use of environmentally friendly products.

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